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 How to make German strawberry cake

German strawberry cake

This German strawberry cake is so tender and moist and delicious you're gonna love it it's got a full pound of fresh German strawberry cake.  packed into the cake layers and it's layered with more fresh strawberries and strawberry cream cheese frosting is just chock full of real strawberries.

nothing artificial no Jello and it's so delicious hi I'm Lindsay from life love and sugar and today we're making the homemade strawberry cake. The first thing you're going to want to do is to take your strawberries popping into your food processor and puree them little. German strawberry cake

head on over to the stove and cook it down. You wanna make sure you have good-tasting strawberries because this is where the flavor of your cake is coming from so strawberries are in season it may not be a good time to make this cake. German strawberry cake

And I'm just going on a 4-year puree rating tear saucepan do you want to cook it down to about 3 fourths cups it should come to a light oil poured into your measuring Cup pop it in the fridge and let it cool right so once your German strawberry cake

the puree has been reduced in cool to at least room temperature you're ready to move on this cake uses the reverse creaming method so what we're gonna do is start by combining our wet ingredients and then we'll move on to drive. Strawberry puree first. And we will add our sour cream. And our milk. And extract and R. X. I know we're gonna with all this together. German Strawberry cake

German strawberry cake

So that's combined you're going to want to add about one Cup of that mixture to this measuring Cup so you're gonna have about 1.5 cups in one Cup here and we use those 2 later. Right so now go and drain gradients together it's got some all-purpose flour. Sugar. German strawberry cake

And then baking powder. Taking soda. And some soft. All this calls that together. Puppyfinder mix now we're gonna adder butter one tablespoon of time your dry ingredients in keeper mixer on low income that incorporate before we at the next tablespoon of initially as a kind of start to look like with.

Once you have that ready you can add your larger measuring A cup of what ingredients that we combine earlier and then we're going to combine this at low speed until everything gets more send and then we're going to turn up to medium-high for about a minute until everything gets light and fluffy. Right now we're going to add the rest of our wet ingredients. German Strawberry cake

we're going to keep this on low and just kind of strange color for a credit memo turn it back up for a few seconds just to make sure everything is. So at this point I'm gonna add some pink food coloring tear better so that it has kind of. German strawberry cake

a nice pink strawberry-looking color about 7 or 8 drops. Gently fold it into the cake batter I wanna spend up over-mixing your batter I like to spray the sides of my cake pans with some baking spray then line the bottom of them with parchment circles just to be sure that the cake doesn't stick and I like

to use a food scale to measure out my cake batter so that I know that it's divided evenly between the pans and that they're going to bake evenly. Once you have your cake batter in your pans I use my offset spatula to just kind of spread amount making even. German strawberry cake

Right now we'll pop these into the oven to bake. Well your the cake is baking and cooling you can go ahead make your strawberry cream cheese frosting for the strawberry flavor in this frosting we're gonna use freeze-dried strawberries because cream cheese frosting

is already naturally so soft we don't add more period of that because it'll just be impossible to work with so freeze-dried strawberries give us the same flavor but with using a powder instead of a liquid. Professor grinds them into a powder. So we're gonna start by adding our cream cheese. German strawberry cake

And are better. Of the sun the mixer and mix it until it's nice and smooth. So that's nicely combined so we'll go ahead and add about half of our powdered sugar this is a good bit of powdered sugar but we need to add volume and stability to our cream cheese frosting. German strawberry cake

And screwed down the sides of the bowl and then add our strawberry powder. We'll just add a pinch of salt. Mix that and are ready to go. Okay so winter cakes are cooled and your frosting is ready it's time to layer everything together with the first thing that I'll do

is remove the domes from the top of my cake so they're flat. I like to just make sure that everything is level so that when my cake is layered things are sliding all over the place and getting wonky. Right so we're gonna wanna add about a couple frosting your cake layer and spread that evenly.

So once you have your frosting spread evenly on your cake layer you gonna wanna add about half of your chopped strawberries. Just evenly spread those out over your frosting and you know when I press that down into the frosting. German strawberry cake

German strawberry cake

Then I add just a touch more frosting to the top of the strawberries have a nice thin layer that the next case clear construct the top of the can is a little tricky to spread it because of all the Jews from the strawberries we just wanna have a little bit of frosting on top of theirs. German Strawberry cake

Add a layer cake. And then another layer of frosting. For the rest of our truck drivers now. The Canadian press those down into the frosting. Another fan layer frosting on top. No, I had our final layer of cake on top. So before frosting the size and then add some frosting to the top of the cake.

He is about a full cup on the top of the cake. Not a frost on the sides of the cake I use a Wilton 789 icing tip. So this you're gonna hold right up against the side of your cake and just gradually add frosting to the side of the cake as you turn it on the turntable. German strawberry cake

So we're gonna use an icing smothered to go hence move the sides. Once you're happy with the way the site looks we can finish off the top in corners I start with my special out here and kind of pull inside to get nice corners. German strawberry cake

So you just kind of drag your spatula to the inside of your cake in towards the middle after every scraper to I often clean this off just so that it. Clean and smooth and gives me a clean edge. At this point, you can just keep moving until you're happy with that. German strawberry cake

German strawberry cake

So once you're happy with the look of the frosting on your cake you can go ahead and use the remainder of the frosting to pipe a border on your cake and using the attack 847 pipes and shells around the outside. So once we've got our border on the top of the cake. German strawberry cake

here we can use the remaining frosting to pipe a border on the bottom if we want I tend to like to use a smaller tip on the bottom border you can use the same one if you like. And once you're done with frosting your cake

in adding your piping if you want to finish it off with just a nice fresh strawberry completes the look. Using the reverse creaming method on this cake gives it a tight crumb but a super tender almost silky texture it's delicious it's wonderfully full of real fresh strawberries I know you're gonna love it for the full recipe head over to life love and German strawberry cake

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