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How to make Homemade garlic cheese pizza

Homemade garlic cheese pizza

homemade garlic cheese pizza, Everyone's got guilty pleasures this entire show is one giant big guilty pleasure domino's pizza to me is that one thing I can't resist. homemade garlic cheese pizza. And I'm just so far gone at this point that

I don't even know if it's good pizza anymore I don't care I love it I remember when they first release that phone app and it suddenly became that much easier to order pizza in actually have to talk to anyone. Things got pretty crazy for a bit like pretty wild. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Well, today I am going to recreate a domino's pizza from scratch and try to get it as close to the real thing as I can get it from the comfort of my own home of course. Let's do it domino's pizza coming right over here. So I found a few different copycat recipes online

I'm gonna put them all together and that's what's going to turn into my pizza so you got one for the crust you got one for the sauce and the toppings and just gonna use cheese, not over complicated hope that's okay. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Courses why would they care now if I were involved in some sort of pizza crust taste test I'd for sure be able to pinpoint which ones domino's solely based on taste it's that specific. So let me show you what I'm using 2.5 cups of all-purpose flour one

teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons of brown sugar packet of instant  5 teaspoons dried milk powder 2 tablespoons of olive oil 77 milliliters of warm water you're gonna want to roll it around in cornmeal. Yes. What we're gonna do to start things off is at our flour brown sugar salt dry milk powder and olive oil whisk it at half your warm water to the flower. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Homemade garlic cheese pizza

Take your instant yeast and put it into the remaining warm water time to wake the sleeping giant let this rest for 10 minutes. When you get the east looking nice and frothy added to the mixture mix it in and now you're gonna wanna start reading it together I have not decided yet if I'm gonna do with my hands with my mixer and it's trustees go hook attachments. homemade garlic cheese pizza

It's going to dress a little oil in my hand right around and then I'm going to coach this entire thing. Clooney and put it into your bowl. Operant plaster grab now this goes into a dry warm place for 90 minutes he needs to ferment for me that's my other. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Turned off of course it just warmed up just a little bit. Okay we got 90 minutes to kill you can go outside to everyone personally I'm gonna stick to making the pizza sauce I'm not gonna go anywhere actually you should 

either you should stay put this is what I'm using for my domino's pizza sauce canned whole tomatoes tomato puree salt and sugar Basil garlic powder oregano black pepper sunflower oil if you got it vegetable oil you can't. 

Get your second biggest ball because your vehicle is being used by the pizza you take your whole tomatoes or your diced canned tomatoes which I'm using and you're gonna. Puree them until they're smooth. 

Homemade garlic cheese pizza

You don't want to add your tomato puree with yours. I made a puree tablespoon of sunflower oil Basil oregano salt garlic powder black pepper sure. In a saucepan over medium-high heat combine. homemade garlic cheese pizza

All this goodness. Once it starts bubbling your turn the heat down to low. Put the lid on and let it hang out for an hour don't even need to worry about it it's going to be fine. All I'm doing today is a plain cheese pizza that's it. Knocking over complicate things but even dominos do their cheese a specific way 70 percent mozzarella 30 percent provolone. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Yes, No has risen punch down yours. We're just gonna need this quickly for a couple more minutes divided in half. Cover one more time with plastic wrap and let them sit here for another 30 minutes they're gonna rise yet again. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Look at this plan pastor the deal is needed even more so take your cornmeal to sprinkle it on your service. Start shaping the dough in this corner see the rolling pin to get it started when she got in a good spot I'm gonna move it over to my hands some sort of pizza stone or a pizza baking pan. Shaping it into my desired shape see the cross. Right around. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Now if your homemade pizza sauce you know start spreading it on talking a little bit here a little bit there you know want to make sure that you give about an inch rate here you don't want to go too close to the edge. Now you wanna put a healthy amount of sauce on the pizza. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Homemade garlic cheese pizza

Can make my cheese together now. Now in dominos do this they probably just have some young whippersnapper take the cheese and start going like this you know. Young whippersnapper this last step is purely optional but I'm just taking a little bit of my sunflower oil and I'm just gonna brush around the outer crust I don't know if that's exactly what dominos does but it's worth a shot. homemade garlic cheese pizza

I haven't preheated to around 250°C that's around 460°F. 8 this pizza for like 8 to 10 minutes. Dan is sizzling. Okay everyone is quiet. Quiet on the set. It is time. I honestly did not think that I would get as close as I did. homemade garlic cheese pizza

When it's all said and done that's like an 8.5 out of 10 in closeness to the actual domino's pizza I'm not even joking I don't joke about this sort of thing I'm trying to figure what's different between mind and actual dominance there are a few the cheese. homemade garlic cheese pizza

is 100 percent there's something different there the crossed the crest can be a little higher here he does taste pretty close to dominance the pizza sauce tastes identical if you are interested in making homemade almost domino's pizza I will leave the recipe in the description below. I need you. Good luck use at your own risk please I beg you. homemade garlic cheese pizza

Hey guys thank you so much for watching super appreciate it I hope you enjoyed the show and if you did you're not already subscribed make sure to jump on that if you are subscribed sweet stuff love it I've left a link

from my pager on in the description below and if you're interested in becoming a producer of the shelves like these lovely people over here and sign up for that if you're not interested well that's cool too I think I see. homemade garlic cheese pizza

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