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How to make apple pudding in Malayalam

apple pudding in Malayalam

apple pudding in Malayalam, Welcome to cooking tasks in this I'm gonna show you guys how to make an easy and delicious dessert with apple pudding in Malayalam. to apples are available year-round and it's 

always found in our future well and date keeps the doctor away so there are so many different kinds of dishes we can make up using apple's different kinds of desserts sweets smoothies even you can make family dishes with apples.

apple pudding in Malayalam show you guys how to make an easy putting with apples so for me putting movie using milk and condensed milk as the base and I'll be also adding pureed apples so to make this putting even more delicious I'll be adding some friends so I was thinking the agent I'll be using so under its plan beats its 0 percent vegetarian and it's a C. apple pudding in Malayalam

beat us so it's a healthy alternative to gelatin so if you don't have other authors you can use gelatin so let's get started and let me do this delicious apple would be. For me putting I have used other strands are this plant is pretty long so

I bought this from Dubai doing my last visit that was a few years ago so these are Dr 0 percent vegetarian and it's C. B. so we can store this for a few years so although it's. apple pudding in Malayalam

a winnable like most of the Indian or Asian stores or it's also available on Amazon so it's mostly sold in the form of crimes like these it's also available in the form of order so if you have either I do apologize you should be using one tablespoon of powder

for 3 cups of liquid so act the polder to the slightly cooled milk and condensed milk and then heated up so that the potter will dissolve and after that, you should be adding the pureed apples sold for making this I'll be using the strands.

apple pudding in Malayalam

apple pudding in Malayalam so the strands what I do is I cut 2 inches off the spine name to take half Cup of those friends had to have water into I'll cook the water also that this client will dissolve in water then I'll be adding that to the putting excess so let's get started and let's make this delicious.

I have taken 3 apples so these are a gala variety you can also use red delicious apples so next I'm going to peel off the skin and dice them. The diced apples into a blender jar in the exam going to add half cup water. Ain't going to puree the apples. apple pudding in Malayalam

As the ticketing agent for the putting, I'll be using Gara Gara strands so I'm going to cut the strands into 2 inches long and going to take half Cup of that. So this couple 2 inches long a great restaurant act to a saucepan and this

I'm going to add half a cup of water. So for half couples friends half Cup water should be good. Thanks let the soul be an operator in water so place the pan over medium heat. Into a different saucepan this is placed over medium heat I'm going to add 1.5 cups of milk. So you can add one percent or 2 percent or even whole milk. apple pudding in Malayalam

To the milk and sweetened condensed milk so I'm going to add 3 quarter cups so this is based on your sweet level. So the pureed apples are also sweet so you don't have to add a lot of condensed milk. So combine everything well and let the milk come to a slight boil. So this will take a few minutes.

apple pudding in Malayalam

Pudding I'll be also adding staff friends so this is optional but if when you add saffron need will make the pudding tastes delicious so I just took in Jos Safran and adding one tablespoon. apple pudding in Malayalam

water so keeps it aside for 5 minutes. So the Gara Gara, I'd starting to cook in water. So we need to cook told the strands into salt in the water so this will take like 10 to 15 minutes and over here Mukundan smoke is also. Cooking. apple pudding in Malayalam

So after 15 minutes, these trends have melted in water. To remove from the heat and keep it aside but if you keep it aside for long it will begin so you need to add as soon as the agora dar strands have dissolved in water so here the milk condensed milk has started to boil. So I'm going to add. The pureed apples.

After you have added red apples. Take the sauce can overlook the heat so we don't have to cook any further. I'm going to take the saucepan off the heat. Thanks for going to add the saffron water so hello the Safran to soak in water for 5 minutes. Combined well and add the disc sold a Gara Gara strands in water. apple pudding in Malayalam

Give it a good mix so our apple pudding mixture is ready. To the pudding mixture, I'm also going to add almonds so you can add any kind of nuts of your choice so I've taken around 8 whole almonds I'm going to crush that. Using a mortar and pestle. apple pudding in Malayalam

apple pudding in Malayalam

You can also add pecans or cashew nuts. So combining well using a spoon. So the pudding mixture has cooled down a bit so next, I'm going to pour this into individual ramekins it's better to make the puddings in individual ramekins rather than in a large bowl.

What this the recipe you will be able to make 5 bowls of apple putting. Lays the ramekins into the refrigerator and lets it show our latest sex for 2:00 hours. After 2:00 hours I'm going to open the refrigerator so here are the well-set and chilled apples. apple pudding in Malayalam putting it has set well.

Here are the apple puddings so as you can see it has set well and he has a nice texture and consistency it's very rich and creamy and does it taste delicious. Here is the delicious apple pudding and it's so.

apple pudding in Malayalam easy to make up with very minimal ingredients or very basic ingredients like milk condensed milk apples so I've added Safran baffled gift book nice taste and flavor so if you don't have suffering you. apple pudding in Malayalam

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