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How to make a bacon cheese tomato omelet

bacon cheese tomato omelet

bacon cheese tomato omelet, Welcome thinking today I'm gonna show you just how easy it is to make a folded bacon cheese tomato omelet. that kind of more like an American style and then like the rolled French thing but it's

super easy and but then she's in it and then IBM yelling you're downtown okay here's what you need for one organ used to add eggs and some cheese and butter and salt and pepper first thing you do is eat the eggs up really. Iowa faux pas. bacon cheese tomato omelet

Beat the eggs up well. You want to just make sure that all of the yellow oak and the what the why part is next up to pursue cricket. So use a firm hand. Look into fray B. N. over here right now. I'm going to cook it and you'll see here so normally

I would use a cast iron skillet this is like when the very few times and not using that mainly because the skill here has much more sloping sides in my cast iron skillet so it's going to make it a lot easier than in the ongoing around and get out without

bacon cheese tomato omelet

tearing it or anything you could use a nonstick if you'd rather do that but I find that good heavy steel skillet that's clean so you know to throw it and it works just as well that here we go all right I also need to add something to my eggs before I. bacon cheese tomato omelet

Continue so what kind I got a pepper grinder wow thanks to my little brother okay. Turns on 3 high heat. And your pet's tables and a better soon here. It is all well you can use both and what's gonna let that melts and wait we're looking for it too. bacon cheese tomato omelet

after now that's going to be and kind of like for bubble up like phone apps so we're gonna wait for that point in time the crucial moment okay so this is not a sin. Going to. Kind of swirling around. You can see how it's kind of turning white but it's kinda phoning up that's good. bacon cheese tomato omelet

So just a few more seconds or until it gets a little bit more for me looking and bubbling up a little and then I'll put the eggs and. Just make sure that you're also getting the better kind of like swirled up around the edges there too. bacon cheese tomato omelet

Right yeah, can I get real hot first starting. We take finer than actual cooking and the expert. Okay. All right but it's kind of starting to. Hello Michael. Turn the heat down a little. My extension. 

And almost immediately you can see that it starts to get a little lighter on the edges of what's cooking so let's just sit for 10 seconds or so come at that bottom layer set up. bacon cheese tomato omelet

bacon cheese tomato omelet

And then. It's a kinda chilly start. Calling it an. And let out the raw and fill in the holes. I can make sure that my edges artistic. Hello. Finding everywhere. Okay. When it's almost that. Thank you can just see. Just a little bit of running a glass. She's always.

And my season so this is like when you would pay them like some sauteed onions or mushrooms or ham or whatever spinach whatever you want to put in there so. The sprinkler that. And. All the sub. Mike said. It's not over okay come to my head off I'm just gonna make sure it's not sticking on the line, ma'am. And. No time to get out of here. Okay. So. bacon cheese tomato omelet

bacon cheese tomato omelet

Cash advance to the end there. And then hi. And well it most users email them. All right let's get this baby. And if it's not about going at first. Do you do you can? Let's see what we have inside here. All right so. The deal by dominant it's a little bit soft inside still if you're into a slightly undercooked egg I mean they're total couldn't be safe but they're

a little soft and like silky and snooze. But if you're not into that and you want your I'm not well then don't do it just remember rocky a raw egg and he was awesome so. B. like rocky any amount. Our man nothing like often she's. bacon cheese tomato omelet

I'm let tell you what all right well there you go that's what I can only do it during lunchtimes get good at it and them impress your date. Or if your significant other or your mom whatever you got to impress make an omelet all right see you later. bacon cheese tomato omelet

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