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how to make banana jam Kerala style

banana jam Kerala style

banana jam Kerala style, You are going to love this banana jam Kerala style. Welcome to the salt and pepper where we cook for real-life using real food and we keep it real simple and today I'm gonna show you how to make something a little bit unusual banana jam

now that is not something you find in the supermarkets or at At least I never have it's not even anything I've ever tasted before I sort of just made it on the fly and it was so absolutely delicious super easy to make and I just wanted to get this recipe out for you. banana jam Kerala style

guys so that you can make it up and enjoy some banana jam at home so many use the 6.5 court ninja foodie but this could be done in the instant pot this could be done on the stove at any size of the ninja foodies so any way you want to make it the instructions can be exactly the. banana jam Kerala style

same we're going to use the sear saute on high for this so no pressure cooking so any way you want to make it is perfectly fine all right so the first thing I want to do is get beaten into foodie turned on Sears hometown high and hit the start button

I have 4 bananas that are over right these are not bananas and I would necessarily want to eat they are pretty dark they could even go a little bit longer if you wanted them to they could be as you know dark as you would want for banana bread but these are going to be got no problems but you don't want super-right plans because you're not going to get that. banana jam Kerala style

intense banana flavor if they're right they're gonna put 4 bananas in our area tell me to go ahead and put these over the compost pile and then we will get to add in the rest of our ingredients and making a purchase. All right so I'm gonna add in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

I used fresh squeezed which you could use the kind in the bottle that's perfectly fine point 5 a Cup of water, no money waters a little over measured here so I'm gonna pour some out. So it's exactly half Cup you don't want to add too much water in because if you add too much. banana jam Kerala style

water then you have to boil it off and it just takes longer. So half a Cup that's good there we go all right so. Now the next thing we're going to add in is some packed in this is one tablespoon of powdered acted now there are several different kinds of practice there's

powdered pectin there's liquid pectin and there's low sugar pectin I'm using just regular powdered pectin if you wanted to use liquid pectin because that's what you have on hand you're gonna want to check out my website for the recipe and I will give you. banana jam Kerala style

the instructions on doing that because the way that you add the ingredients and it's a little bit different if you wanted to use less sugar or even a sugar substitute look for low sugar pectin and then follow those instructions for that I haven't tried it that was not sure exactly how it's gonna work out but people make low sugar jams and stuff all the time so I'm sure I'll be fine. banana jam Kerala style

banana jam Kerala style

Let's get all that out all right now I'm going to match up the bananas using my mix and match but you could use any kind of utensil just break them up and bring everything to a boil. Some trying to get as many of the lumps out as I can I want my banana jam to be very smooth

I don't want any pieces of the fruit in there if you want it to be a little bit chunkier that would be more like a preserve but you could certainly do that there's no problem with that but I want mine to sniff some just gonna keep going around and around here to get these little. banana jam Kerala style

chunks are broken up if your bananas are right it's going to go a lot faster for you because they're just softer they break up easier. Can also blend it if you want to tell you wanted to avoid having to use you know any kind of a utensil to match them up you could put them in the blender and blend them up with the lemon juice in the water

that would work great but I just figured I can do it right in here and I don't 230 something else. Now if you do have packed in and you wanted to try to make this banana jam without pectin bananas do have packed in in them, so you may be just fine with them setting up it just might be more like an apple butter type of consistency versus out a jam I want mine to be kind of on the firm side. banana jam Kerala style

So that's why I'm using the pact and but it's necessary you could do this without the pact and I'm sure it just would be a little bit looser and the right for your bananas from what I've read the right to your bananas the less packed in half so if they're dark

you may have trouble with setting up you know on the firmware side but it would make a great alphabet well in about right they make a great battered self that doesn't use butter which is kind of the weirdest thing but it's just concentrated. banana jam Kerala style

When Anna mixture and this year I think we have it set up just fine so you'll be. All right looking good it's nice and smooth. For. The minute just let it come to a boil and then add in our sugar and we want to bring it back up to a boil that can not be stirred down that

will be it at about 220 degrees and you can see as it starts to boil it starts with bigger bubbles and then they will turn into smaller bubbles and that's when I know it's ready to add in the sugar. It smells amazing I mean almost fast amazing now see.

banana jam Kerala style how when I stirred that the boiling went away that means it is not a foil that can not be stirred down so we're not quite ready to add an archer. All right let's stir it. I'll still pull away. As I start a whole lot. Analytica just another minute longer all right you can see the bubbles are getting small now. 

And it does not stir down as I stir so it's still boiling so now let's go ahead and add in our sugar this is 2 cups of regular white sugar. And that of course is going to cool down everything and now we are gonna.

banana jam Kerala style

banana jam Kerala style starts to bring this back up to a boil. Melts all that sugar and we will concentrate everything. And then once it comes up to temperature will port in our jars and put it in the refrigerator and we're done let it set up for at least 4:00 hours or overnight.

And then you can enjoy your banana jam. Like us. Amazing it smells so bad. All right so banana jam the reason why I even made it the first time was because I was testing a recipe for dehydrated banana chips and I went through all the different stages of the banana. banana jam Kerala style

ripening to figure out which is the best stage for dehydrating banana chips still haven't mastered that yet so that still in the testing phase but I ended up with a lot of bananas in a stage that I really wouldn't necessarily eat or put in a fruit salad or anything like that they were just a little too

over right so I made banana jam and it turned out so amazing is like one of the best things I think I've ever tasted it's just so so good and again the riper the banana the more intense the flavor and I do have a few little surprising her well one surprising gradient they were gonna added the and that takes this banana jam to the next level delicious. banana jam Kerala style

but not necessary so you don't have to use it. All rights are and let this come to a boil I'm just gonna stir once just to make sure everything is. Operated and it is in the sugars melt saying now I'm just gonna leave it alone and let it come to a boil we wanted to

get up to about 220 degrees you can either use a candy thermometer an instant-read thermometer or you can go by the look of the bubbles there's plenty of ways that you can tell if your jam is ready to go you can also put a plate in the freezer and get it nice and cold and then spread some of the jam out on it let it sit for about

a minute and then put a spoon through the center and if it stays separated then you know your GM is gonna set up if it starts to all come together you need to boil longer. And the same thing's going to happen the bubbles here are going to start larger bubbles and they're going to get smaller and smaller. banana jam Kerala style as the temperature increases.

banana jam Kerala style

So we are just said about like to honor that well 212 where it's boiling and then some on the sides there that is not boiling art about 209 so we have about maybe 5 to 10 minutes left to go out but watch it very carefully this is not something you want to walk away from you don't want to over boiled or you'll get a thick

jam that you can't spread very easily still delicious so it's not failing because I've done it but it's just not spreadable on the test. So there are several uses for this banana jam and you can get creative up you can just spread it on. banana jam Kerala style

toast you could spread it on toast with peanut butter and that would be delicious you can make a sandwich out of it that would be great but another thing that you could do is make something like an Elvis burger so you would make your burger spread. banana jam Kerala style

some peanut butter on it and spread some of this banana jam and all my goodness those are the best burgers I love an Elvis record so delicious all right let's see we got here so we are still pulling out of time. Stirring so let's take a temperature that's a sign that

we are pretty close if not there. To R. 220 degrees. Yeah, where there. All right. That's reading to 18 right there but over here I was reading to 20. Now that's dropped a little bit probably because I started. All right so if I just have just another minute or so ago. banana jam Kerala style

I think you'd be fine if you stop it right now though because you can not start down the spoil it is constantly boiling even administer so I think you'd be absolutely fine but since I have a thermometer I like to take it to the 220. All right so on the edges, we did not quite get up to 20 but we are definitely above 220 in the center when I stir it does not stir

down it continues to flail so I am confident that this is going to set up just fine it also sort of tell by the thickness in the way it drips off of the. Mix and match here so I think we're good to go. So as soon as they stop spoiling I'm going to add in the remaining ingredients. banana jam Kerala style

banana jam Kerala style

which is one teaspoon of vanilla extract you don't want to add that in before you do the boiling or just boil off all the flavor so we can add that in and we're also going to add in 0.5 of the teaspoon of cardamom yeah this is optional but it just gave this banana jam such a spectacular flavor it is delicious but it. banana jam Kerala style

optional you can add in cinnamon instead if you want to that would be good as well. Let's go ahead and add-in for the now what. In our heart of. Right now I'm just gonna clean this up here we're gonna get it into our jars going to put a little bit in a shallow plate to let it set up so that I can show you what it's gonna look like when it's done and give it a taste.

All right so let's go ahead and get these into our jars I'm using 8-ounce little jelly jars which you could also use the 4 ounces smaller ones if you wanted no problem either way. And I'm gonna use a wide mouth funnel because it makes it super easy. banana jam Kerala style

And we're just going to let a lead-in. The question I get asked a lot about jams and jellies is can you double them this recipe you can half so if you have 2 bananas you just have all the ingredients and just make you know wanted to stop jars of it were smaller jobs I think it's going to take about 2.5 of these stars. But you don't want to double it so if you want to make

a double batch you need to make him separately so start with you know the 4 bananas and then you could make a second batch with another 4 minutes but you don't want to try to double it just doesn't work out that well plus we were having a lot of popping in if you double the ingredients you would have a ton of popping it would be going everywhere. banana jam Kerala style

So. I guess 28-ounce jars and probably like 14-ounce jar I could probably actually get this up all the way I scraped everything I could get it to work with almost full but I want it to set up pretty fast so that I can try it for you guys so I'm going to put just a little bit rate in here and get

banana jam Kerala style

that in the refrigerator because obviously if it's not real deep it's going to cool and sat pretty fast all right I'm gonna get the rest of this out and put this in the refrigerator and then in about 30 minutes the should be set up just fine and I will show you the consistency and give it a taste. banana jam Kerala style

All right so I pop this in the freezer instead of the refrigerator just so that we can you know keep things moving along and finish up the video and it took no time at all like maybe 10 minutes if that to set up so now it's

not real trippy it would probably set up a little firmer the longer I left it obviously in the freezer or the refrigerator so I will leave these jars in the refrigerator overnight and then they'll set up just beautifully. Anyway so yeah this is still kind of a little bit on the running your site but it is a good spreading consistency just like it is and I'm kind of taste it for you on mine.

banana jam Kerala style little English muffins that I've been trying to get right I mean the bottom looks pretty good there okay let me just say they're not ready to be released yet but I am working on that. It opens in a jam on here give it at least. Yeah me. Oh my goodness. If you like bananas. You are going to love this jam. banana jam Kerala style

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