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Winter grilling ideas

I stuff the growing gourmet and I was asked to demonstrate a little bit of winter grilling no wonder grilling doesn't have to be difficult you don't have to stand outside and flip burgers let's do something a lot easier you don't have to stand by your grill. The firm's lovely big meaty somewhat tough but we're going to get around that by the cooking method that we're using. Trust your butcher that's the first thing you gotta do meet. Butcher good combination trust your beef so we're gonna cut these so let's go ahead and cut the ribs.

All right so we just want to continue cutting. Between the ribs, so you should have a nice large amount of beefy goodness subjects post so that the smoke can get to it we're going to put these in the ball. And we're gonna take a really good rub seasoning is very very important so we're going to use my cocoa Java rob. And just sprinkle a little bit of that rub all over these ribs. Now the cocoa Java rob has got a little bit of coffee and. Hello, milk cocoa when it got all kinds of wonderful flavors but now that we have the beef marinating we need to be able to smoke that wonderful beefy goodness we're

gonna show you how to do an economical small pouch. We've got a mixture of 2 words here we've got a couple would and we've got hickory other ribs are gonna take between 4 and 5:00 hours to cook so you're probably gonna have to make a few these coaches along the way. The mechanism approach grabs your knife. Make a few holes in the top. A few holes in the bottom. And that is going to allow all that wonderful smoky goodness to perforate through the foil and on to the food that you're cooking we've all got mashed potatoes laying around so we're gonna take some mashed potatoes and we're gonna flavor these mashed potatoes. I'm gonna have a little bit of a Mediterranean drive up to the potato mixture. Nice white global well with the beef.

Winter grilling ideas

A tiny tiny little bit of my sweet red robe. And to go with those herbs and spices. We're gonna use some Parmigiano Reggiano I love cheese and potatoes and works well. Good flavor. Vegetable component onions potatoes woman's onions love potatoes we're going to be some green onions. We're gonna follow that up. With some Vidalia onions. And. It's potatoes bacon for the potatoes we're gonna put some vacant in there this is already been fried up I grilled this on my smoker. And some extra old cheddar cheese. Throw some children there because like I said before cheese lovers potatoes. Never gonna give us a really good mix.

And that's pretty much it and we're gonna scoop. Some potatoes. Read on to the plank. This to a whole bunch of these. Right. We've got a lovely little terrible story. So we have to do. Please check a lovely little creation I'm going to the group minus 18 out dead of winter and we're doing some winter grilling. There we have our big beautiful gas grill. 3 burners on the left-hand side or off the 2 burners on the right-hand side or medium-high heat this is going to create indirect heat for you to cook your ribs perfectly. So let's put some meat on the grill. Start with the big beautiful full slob. Of ribs. And we're gonna put the individual reps right next to it now remember there's no heat under the ribs so you're not going to burn anything. So the last thing we have to do is put our lovely little woodchip coach on the grill over the flame so that we have a little bit of smoke for the wonderful ribs to enjoy so we're going to close up the girl. 

No, let all that heat and smoke do its thing and we'll come back in about 2.5 hours and check what we've got inside here. All right it's been about 3:00 hours the grill is at about 225 degrees so let's take a look. Who. Yeah these are looking fantastic we've got the small pouch that still emitting a lot of smoke we change that up 3 times so far we've got a full rock the retraction on the bone is telling me that they're almost ready so it's also telling me it's time to put on some potatoes so we're gonna take the potatoes. We gonna put it directly over the hot part of the grill so that the direct heat can start smoking that would make in these potatoes as tasty as the beef so we're gonna let that go for about another hour will come back and check the grill. So I can smell the hickory I can smell the apple would the potato smell amazing so let's take a look at the whole you know. So the small coach is doing a beautiful job smoking everything the plant potatoes are golden brown and ready to go the ribs they're done now it's just a matter of putting on a little bit of sauce if you choose. 

So I'm gonna put a little bit of sauce on the cocoa Java rips. Little spray a little squirt little bit of goodness all right. We've got some delicious ribs are ready the potatoes can come off. Let's go inside and cut it up so we're gonna cut between the bones. Cut them nice and evenly. Lust is a thing of beauty. We've got us. Sauced ribs. And we've got our lovely. Plant potatoes. So there we have it we have our grilled mashed potatoes with bacon and chives and onion and all kinds of great ingredients we have ribs done 2 ways with my sweet red rob and Mike cocoa Java rob we've got a little extra sauce on the side and there you have it a little what you're growing all kinds of tasty goodness so get out there and fire up your grills and stuff the grilling may keep the fire hot.

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