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How long is mozzarella cheese good for

Cheesemaking seems pretty extra breaking the beloved fresh mozzarella Olson's buffalo mozzarella takes 4 ingredients in 30 minutes yes it's true. The first hotel is easily my absolute favorite cheese. Because you know to is good. Anyway, when I say first mozzarella Olson is buffalo mozzarella which by the way buffalo mozzarella is technically meet with before no, but you know not to have an easier time finding anything like that 2 is the lovely soft cheese is so beautifully tendered in Milwaukee and you know that kind of stuff that accompanies a nice fresh tomato with some freshly torn Basil healthy glug of olive oil. Thank goodness I would say more but this feels like a good seller already so let's make this shall we all right holders one second PSA your batch of mozzarella has a lot to do with the milk you choose, please don't use any milk alternatives no you can not use almond milk

you need whole milk that is not ultra-pasteurized it's okay if it's pasteurized just not alter pasteurized milk I use was low temp pasteurized and non-homogenized raw milk is also a great option okay so now we're gonna actually get started so first thing are we're gonna stir to dissolve 1.5 teaspoons or 8 grams of granulated citric acid into one Cup or 250 milliliters of water you buy the stuff it lots of stores including health food stores where you can hit the link in my description make sure the stuff gets completely dissolved then you're gonna mix half a teaspoon or 3 grams of liquid ran it with a quarter Cup or 60 milliliters of water seen purchasing scenario as before going for the stuff is in my description okay so now with one gallon or 3.7 leaders of cold milk in a large pot we're

gonna vigorously stir in our citric acid to make sure it gets dispersed evenly trust me I made some copies here and make sure that it's world pulling while you're adding this naked heat your milk over medium-low heat stirring occasionally until you reach 90°F or 32°C immediately remove your milk from the heat and wall stirring you're going to pour in your rent it the mixture as soon as they went in search to hit that mobile you're storing immediately start counting to 25 and obviously don't substring honest or the entire time we were trying to do is dispersed that ran in there and stop as soon as you hit the 25-second mark then Adelaide not just as a note if you start too long after you add the read it what's going to happen is you're going to break up the current as it forms it'll just turn

all cloudy that's not necessarily bad you can still make mozzarella with it you're just hearing it enough to thoroughly incorporate everything before the card begins to form anyway so let this bad boy let it sit for 5 minutes then after 5 minutes, there should be solid Kurd loading on top that when you gently told the pot you be able to see that there's a distinct separation of the Kurd in the way if it's still a little fragile you can totally let it sit for. Other 5 minutes okay so we're almost there now you're just going to cut your card into a crosshatch pattern using a long knife to make sure to go all the way to the bottom of the pot just you know be careful of the scratch up I struggled here with the current you know trying to escape me but you know you get the point now once you've done that simply place your pot back on to medium-low heat and continue to heat it stirring on occasion very

gently you do not want to break up the card too much at this point and you get heated until it reaches 105°F or 40°C then remove from heat and let it sit another 5 minutes then remove your courage using a slotted spoon or ladle or whatever the hell you got in place it into a strainer to allow it to drain for a hot sec not too long like maybe 15 seconds then gently squeeze out some of the excess weight in the Kurds you don't need to squeeze all of it out you're just getting the access out okay so now we have a prepared Kurds simply just needs to be warmed up enough so that it's malleable enough to stretch and shape that's it so first Sir by seasoning the liquid that you left behind in the pot that's also known as the way with one tablespoon or 10 grams of kosher salt now

How long is mozzarella cheese good for

we can warm it up one of 2 ways you can hit a small pot of season weighed 280°F or 82°C then just poured over your curtain bolt is enough to cover it and let it sit for 15 to 20 seconds or you could just please your curtain of balsam season way over and microwave it for at 15 second intervals I know that that's going to come across too many as sacrilege so you know choose your own adventure there I'm not gonna shoot myself in the foot also so I know that this stuff is too hot for your hands and you don't have a space this hands like I do then you can totally use food-safe dish gloves you know to protect skin and all that now what's your cheese a soft and malleable pick up your curtains separate your hands and let gravity stretch them downward folded over itself and repeat this folding and stretching

until it's smooth and one even mass this will take only 46 holds no more than a minute now if your car gets too cold to form then you can just simply hit the bad boy back up it's it really is as simple as that know what you're doing with that you're ready to shape the mozzarella take your curd and presses segment 3 your fingers in a C. shape and once you've got the size you want simply. The image that bad boy off and place it in a container full of room temperature way the way is covering the entire ball another would she will be to do this such the same thing Minnesota pushing it through your fingers you take him out that you want to put off and then fold the

bottom into itself over and over and over to get a top ball then just pinch the bottom shot and yeah that's it repeat this process the rest of your mozzarella occurred making them as big or as small as you want and then just let these lovelies rest in that room temperature way for about 1520 minutes before serving these I feel that these are way better even within a few hours at room temperature but if you want to store them then once there they rested in their way solution you can just wrap in plastic wrap individually and place them in the fridge and they'll last about 3 to 4 days and you've done it you've made mozzarella nothing too fancy here at all well you know except for maybe the 

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